Making a difference to the climate


The percentage of global CO2 emissions caused by air traffic is steadily declining. Despite strong growth rates, it is currently at around 2.5 percent. However, the entire aviation industry is still fully committed to reducing climate-damaging emissions from air traffic. For example Munich Airport is making outstanding efforts in this regard, and is working to achieve climate-neutral operations by 2030.

How can traveler fly as 'sustainable' as possible?

Climate protection concerns all of us. You can make a difference in protecting the environment when flying to or from Munich. You can also offset the CO2 emissions from your air travel on a voluntary basis through a carbon offset scheme. Invest in certified climate protection projects! In that way, you will contribute to compensating for the emissions from your flights through emission reductions achieved elsewhere.

There are several tips to fly as 'sustainable' as possible.

  • Choose direct flights

First of all, choose a flight that is as direct as possible. When you opt for connecting flights, you have to fly a greater distance. This obviously results in more carbon emissions.

  • Choose a more sustainable airline

Furthermore, your choice of airline also makes a large difference. For example, KLM relies on biofuels for certain routes, such as the Amsterdam-Los Angeles route. Furthermore, KLM and All Nippon Airway are both in the top 3 of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. This means that, relatively speaking, they are the least polluting airlines.