United Kingdom Travel Restrictions



Luxembourg was removed from the exempt list on Friday 31 July 2020.

If you arrive in England from Luxembourg on or after 31 July you will need to self-isolate.

If you arrived in England from Luxembourg before 31 July you may not need to self-isolate. Read the rules about when you need to self-isolate and for how long.

Individuals arriving in the UK arriving from a country outside the common travel area, must self-isolate for 14 days and may be contacted by UK authorities to verify compliance. All new arrivals will be required to provide UK officials with contact and travel information upon arrival. The public health contact information form must be completed prior to your arrival. The form may be submitted beginning 48 hours before arrival in the UK. The completed form must be presented upon arrival at the UK border, either by printing a copy or showing it on a phone.

UK authorities announced a list of about 70 countries and territories from which travelers will be able to travel to England from Friday 10 July, without facing a mandatory 14-day quarantine period upon arrival. The countries and territories listed by the British government have all been classified as ‘low risk’ in regards to coronavirus disease (COVID-19). A full list of the countries can be found here READ MORE

Scotland: Tourists traveling to Scotland from Spain or Serbia will have to continue to quarantine if arriving after 10 July.

Countries and territories with no self-isolation requirement on arrival in England

You may not have to self-isolate if you are travelling from one of the countries or territories listed below.

You will need to self-isolate if you visited or made a transit stop in a country or territory that is not on the list in the 14 days before you arrive in England.