What to consider when buying cheap airline tickets?


The marketing of airline tickets in recent decades has focused primarily on low prices, which are often only a lure to sell all sorts of services.

While the initial price can easily be compared by airline, the cost of additional services may vary several times. Also, the basic ticket price says nothing about the kind of service and amenities you expect while traveling.

Low-cost airlines are an indication of the surcharges. From Europe's largest annual report, which ended in March, it can be seen that the average passenger paid an Irish company for more than 45% of the original fare for additional services. For example, the cost of a flight shown at 200 Euros may result in a cost of 300 Euros.

The price of hand luggage for a fee has already doubled in a short space of time and the prices of other additional services are also rising. The average passenger should rather take into account the additional cost of 50% or more when flying with Ryanair.

Undoubtedly, there are people who, for cheap prices, fly without luggage and on-board service, whoever they are on board, and who can handle all the formalities on time. But at the same time, there are enough people who pay a multiple of that amount. The cash received from the additional services represents a significant part of the revenue of the low-cost company and without them would be a huge loss.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should pay attention to the following when purchasing an air ticket:

1. What kind of airplane do I have, have WiFi and a fun screen and how much do I have to pay for them? NB! The newer planes are more comfortable than the older ones, the jet more comfortable than the propeller aircraft, and the wide-body jet, in turn, turns a blind eye.

2. Is luggage included or must I pay for my suitcase (s) separately? NB! It is usually cheaper to pay for your luggage immediately than to pay for it later.

3. Is the seat important? Often, choosing a seating position involves a premium. In the worst case, you get a place near your companion separate toilet near two strangers.

4. Do you want to have a meal on the flight? Is it included in the price or extra? PS! Preorder is bigger.

5. What are the departure and transfer times? It is not uncommon for transfer times to be either unreasonably long or risky short. If you have to stay at a hotel to travel to, the more expensive ticket may eventually prove to be more affordable.

6. Are you ready for the unexpected? A slightly more expensive ticket allows for changes.

7. Can and how many points can I earn on the bonus card while flying? Sometimes a slight increase in the cost of a long flight ticket can double the number of points available and provide more flexible changing and cancellation conditions.

8. What are the additional options for using one or the other route? Adding more flights or destinations can make the fare even more affordable, and at the same time give you a more exciting experience. Some airlines offer free city tours or hotel accommodation for a longer stay in the transit city.

It takes time and research to get to know everything. Fortunately, there is an easier option too - use the help of a professional travel consultant when planning your trip.

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