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Security & Sanitary

Get better risk management

An important and legal role of a company is to protect the safety of one of their company’s greatest assets – the employee.

Safety First

Safety becomes particularly important when em- plo yees travel, and those managing a company’s travel programme must take steps to protect this safety.

Our new Service will give you access to accurate, real-time, destination information and Incident analysis to identify travelers according to a country’s risk level.

Support & Alerts

Travel Alerts Notifier

We are dedicated to keeping our clients and travelers informed in real-time by monitoring evolving travel guidance and government requirements.

Automatic and Personalised Alerts

Our new solution delivers instant personalised alerts, flight changes and flight status to your travelers via SMS or email following their travel itinerary.

Your travelers will have a guaranteed peace of mind with e-tickets reminders sent to them automatically in real-time.

Service & Claim

Are you victim of disruption?

We care about passengers and want to provide a fast, economical and risk-free service allowing them to benefit from all eligible rights.

Monitor your Journey

Your Travel Arr’angels carry out the claim procedures.If necessary, they alert the competent authorities in order to defend our clients and can offer adequate services and support in providing advice and assistance in passenger compensation for:

  • Air
  • Rail
  • Bus
  • Transfers
  • Maritime travel


Mandatory Service as of 01/01/2021

We care about our clients and their safety, and want to provide a full service, allowing passengers to travel risk-free.

All services at additional fee of €2.50 per Booking

Security Information before travelling

Travel Alerts during the travel

· Travel Service after the travel

Claim Service Support after the travel

Real value for all these Services €10.50 per Booking